Help, site won't display properly!

My site is and I simply cannot seem to find why it is breaking.

In IE7 it displays odd and now that I have tried to correct it with clears it displays odd in firefox.

My CSS file (kind of big) is here:

Can someone please help me? Thanks

  • Odd how?


Your clearer is in the wrong place. It should be down one level as shown here:

            <!-- ends .wrapper -->
            [B]<div class="clrflt">&nbsp;</div>[/B]
        <!-- ends .container -->
    <!-- ends .mainContainer -->

You would be better of using either the clearfix technique or apply overflow:hidden to the appropriate containers (assuming you don’t need visible overflow) (see faq on floats).

Your maincontainer should also have haslayout or is likely to break in Ie6/7.

.mainContainer {
    border-bottom:1px solid #afb5bb;
    width:100&#37;;/* haslayout ie (and clear floats in ie)*/
    overflow:hidden;/* clear floats everywhere else*/

Thank you Paul its working great now! Thanks for the haslayout tip I will remember that one.