Help setting up my backed up wordpress site

Hi. Wanting to duplicate my wordpress site on my local directory. Have installed XAMPP and have got a back up file of database. Have got an xml file of all posts, pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menus and custom posts using tools > export. Have copied the files using my ftp program. Have made a fresh install of wordpress on my local directory.

What do I do now? Which do I do first do I copy mysql file to the phpadmin? Would be good to have a step by step guide to show me how to do this. Have seen lots of articles explainging the backing up etc but not setting up a backed up wordpress site.

Are you good at PHP/MySql or you just trying to take the DB copy from the word press admin side???

Have downloaded the db file in phpmyadmin.
Downloaded the wordpress site via filezilla.
Changed the wp-config file and changed a couple of lines in wp-options in my db, but still not working correctly.

It is displaying my homepage, but no css styles are working and no images are displaying. I am trying to clone my site on my localhost with xampp. Not sure if I have got the correct url for my localhost

Have been working on this for two days now and am going loopy with it.

Have got the homepage working all good but none of my other pages load up I keep getting a 404 error. Any ideas why?

Have changed the address in wp-options and done a find and replace with all pages on my site ie. All page that have Go Man and Van | Man and Van Removals & Couriers have now been changed to localhost/gomanandvan.

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Do not know what else to do :frowning:

Did you change all of your links to reflect your local host location rather than your website?

Set up local site in dreamweaver and Have changed all links using find and replace in dreamweaver so all links which have Go Man and Van | Man and Van Removals & Couriers are now localhost/gomanandvan.

Its driving me mad I think it is a link issue, but cant see where the problem is…crazy.

In my permalinks in wordpress I have custom and its set to %postname% . Cannot understand what I am doing wrong.