Help setting up automated site to sell ebooks

I need help. I have my own website and What im trying to do is sell my ebooks. I am running a wordpress installation on one of my directories. I would like a free way to do this. I have over 30,000 different ebooks and want to use s2members word press plugin to charge membership access. Now I have a list of all the books file titles and want to upload them to the secure area of the s2member where i will have to create a link from the secure directory on my web server to use all the options of the s2member plugin like expiring links, download limits and such because that is the only way the files in the secure area can be accessed… ie, [url=http:/// / bookexample.pdfff.

I need to create thousands of these web address links with different pdf names on each one!

I know how to do everything but I am wondering can anybody tell me how I can create these links fast rather then taking 100 hours to enter all links separately. I was thinking maybe I can use like a spreadsheet but can not find any information.

I would like to sell the books for say $0.75 each but this is the only way i could really figure out how to get close to what I am trying to do.

Is there a easyer way to sell all my ebooks for $0.75 each?
I have access to many different systems like word press, droopl, joomla and others free through the company my website sits on.
I did try another wordpress plugin called “list yo files” so that I can have all my ebooks in the ebook directory be listed as sort of a iframe like setup in the specific ebook made word press page but it doesnt list the files in the directory. All it says is no files found.

Any help would really be appreciated.