Help req'ed : newbee

hey guys…

good to join all PHP people at one place…

i am planning to start with a yellow page directory…and i am new to PHP…

would you mind helping me abut where to start?

thx in advance… Kristi

I’d start with buying a book on PHP and a book on a Database Management System (DBMS). MySQL is the most commonly used DBMS in conjunction with MySQL.

When you’ve read and understood those books I would advice you to go look into some PHP frameworks (google it).

The point to be noted.
This forum may not help much helpful for a new beginner to PHP. Rather the forumians can point to the links to good tutorials, links to start with.

I recommend the following links:

thanks for the update, i am working on W3C, and php DOT net.
and trying to make myself familiar with PHP codes…and i am getting success with it …

but my main concern of posting is to get some professional tips…how to and where to start…thats what i am planning to discuss here…and seeking you professional people to help me on…

do we really need PHP frameworks?

Hi krsm1980,

Welcome to the sitepoint forums!

Off course you will have lots of helps from the experts and profession PHP gurus out here in this forum. Just start with for now and ask here the questions when you get stuck somewhere. Also before you post the queries here try to search in this forum first then only post if you dont find related answers.

Good luck man!

frameworks are just different languages in a way.
In my opinion it must be used for the real site building but shouldn’t be used when learning.
Although, if you have strong programmer skills, no need to learn PHP. Just very few basic concepts, internet protocols related.