Help removing parse error please


I recently migrated a site from Joomla 1.0 to 1.5. After completing the installation I receive this error message on every page of

XML Parsing Error at 1:3956. Error 9: Invalid character

How do I remove it?


Did you follow the upgrade procedure to the letter?

Are you using 1.5.8 or greater?

How did you upload the files? Try re-uploading the upgrade zip/gzip file, and unzip it on the server. It’s possible one or more files got corrupted during the transfer.

Thanks for checking.
I thought the latest version was 1.5.15…at least that’s what’s on the front page of

I may try another install
How do I unzip the file on the server?

If you have SSH access, you can use the unzip command. If not, depending on what management interface you have, there’s usually an unzip or decompress feature in the file manager tool.