Help please!

I’m trying to register a domain name and host with OVH and it is a living NIGHTMARE! I keep getting this message back and I have no clue what it means.

“md5 auth passphrase is empty, you should define one for your loyalty/reseller account”

I couldn’t register the domain on the website properly for I was FORCED to download the MoM and try to purchase the domain that way but I’m still having problems someone please help!

I’ll help you out, check PM.

It also might be a sign to look elsewhere?

If you’re joining a new host and you get such message the best thing to do is run for your dear life.

Shoutout to Scorpiano my new homie, helped out alot! Yeah these guys were wayyy too fishy and I’ll never do business with them. Godaddy is overrated they want to call your house before you buy and charge you extra high; I went ahead with 1&1 it was fast and amazing customer service!

Why don’t you want address all of the questions you have to your prospective service provider. I believe they will be happy to assist you.

The topic was complete man there was no need for you to comment.