Help please! Wordpress to Joomla!


I want to move my clients from WordPress to Joomla -

  1. I have no idea where to start!
  2. Is it possible?

Please help I have been on a couple of forums now and no one can help! Here is the site:


I have never had to do this but I came accross this plugin -

If you do a bit more research I’m sure you will come up with advice. You are not the only one that’s been there.

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I have been looking for ages! Can’t find anything. I am at the point of paying someone lol. Il keep looking if no joy il outsource it.

Thanks for your time Martcol! :slight_smile:

If you’re going to spend the time to migrate your site over to a more flexible and powerful platform I would HIGHLY recommend Drupal 8 over Joomla. Drupal was rebuilt top to bottom over the last four years with hundreds of contributors and big names to implement a modern architecture in a system that would be just as antiquated as Joomla had they not went that route. Drupal is much more powerful than Joomla and has a considerably larger ecosystem. I predict Joomla will be obsolete in about half a decade if it isn’t mostly irrelevant already. For example how many Joomla articles have you seen on Sitepoint lately… zero – that is because it is irrelevant and out-dated and the only people whom are using it to build new things are those to afraid to move on. If you’re going to invest the time and money to move away from Wordpress than do so using a platform that is modern and fresh not antiquated like Joomla.

Not to mention Drupal 8 has complete migration system directly in core. There are probably people working this very moment to create a module that does exactly what you want – migrate Wordpress content over to Drupal 8.

Look at that – a blog post published by Aquia (owners of Drupal core) about this very issue as it relates to Drupal 8.

I’m sure there will a module within a few months of the official release for 8.

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I advised him that drupal would be a lot more easier and he didnt want it! Nothing but pain in the ass clients!

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