Help please.Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property

My arrow image doesn’t scroll back on top:

Kangi Site

Like this website from the footer area. :

Sample website

I cannot find the .Top property from the same website to trace what’s wrong from my index.html

Please help or assistance, thanks!

Hi there graphicNerd,

open this file…


…and scroll to line #36 where you will find this…

<div class="container">

Change it to…

<div class="container" id="home">

Now scroll down to line #654 where you will find this…

<a class= "scroll" href="#"><img src="images/top.png" alt=""></a>

Change it to…

<a class= "scroll" href="#home"><img src="images/top.png" alt=""></a>

Job done. :sunglasses:



Thank you, Sir.

It’s working pretty well

       No problem, you’re very welcome. :sunglasses:


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