Help please, I am trying to call 2 css class to this HTML

I have this html line, it had one css class, but I wish to add the 2nd css class to the word Join Here!

can I do it ?

<p class=“latestMembersText”>Lots of new singles are joining every day…<br /> You could be one of them - </p> <p class=“JoinHereTextArea”><a href=“signup-stepone.php”>Join Here!</a></p>

all help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I alos would like this image ti live link to a php file

Could any one help me by combining these codes please, I tried yet no joy :frowning:

I would the like the image when clicked on to open the php page

<img class=“sideAdvert” src=“images/join-free-advert.png” alt=“join-free-advert” width=“300” height=“220”/>

<a href=“signup-stepone.php”>

All help appreciated :slight_smile:

You can add as many classes to a html element as you need, you just separate the class names with a space. Let’s say you have 2 classes:

        color: #ff0000;
        text-decoration: underline;
       background: yellow;

You could add these to a single HTML like this:

<p class="coloring yellow_bg">This is some text</p>

To make the script run when the image is clicked you need to put your image WITHIN the <a>nchor tag.

For example:

<a href="signup-stepone.php">
         <img class="sideAdvert" src="images/join-free-advert.png" alt="join-free-advert" width="300" height="220" />

Kind regards,


Hello c0dingL!fe, thank you for your answers, yes great I understand, and will implement those codes now,

Thank you again, and best wishes :slight_smile:

Good morning Ray,

No problem Glad to help.