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Hello everyone! I am new here and I need help. I got my domain from go daddy and hosting from another company. I used my domain on my blog on bloggers and that works just fine. However, I now want to use a sub domain on wordpress but the problem is I don’t know how to do it. What do I do to point the sub domain to my hosting? Your help is really appreciated. I’m hopeless on these kinds of stuff :frowning:

Btw I have already added my sub domain on cpanel and have installed wordpress. I just could not point it to the right location? I’m confused what info/values I need to create and use.


Welcome to SitePoint!

WP is designed to control all links to the directory where it’s installed. Saying that, your subdomain IS a different domain (whether simply a subdomain of the main domain or as a cPanel Addon domain) so addressing it should resolve any conflict that you may have. The sub/Addon domains can even run their own WP installations (separate from the main domain as well as other sub/Addon domains) but, with the CPU time required by WP, you might easily get to the point where you’re sapping all the CPU time off a shared server and that would certainly be against the host’s “fair use” policy.

While I’m not sure whether you want to put WP in the main domain or the subdomain, the answer above should clarify the situation for you.



Hi dazzl3r

First of all, are you clear about the difference between a sub domain and an add-on domain? If your domain is, then a sub domain would be, or

On the other hand, an add-on domain on would normally not include in the URL at all - it would be just

It is possible you might want an add-on domain not a subdomain.

You say you have added your subdomain and installed WordPress but it doesn’t seem to be hooked up. Well, when you install WordPress you get asked where exactly want to install it and you do this by selecting from a drop-down list. In that list will be any add-on domains or sub domains which you have previously set up. So it may be you have installed WordPress is selected the wrong subdomain/add-on domain when installing it.

In which case go and reinstall it, select the right place in the drop-down box, and you should be fine.

If this is the case then it’s good practice to tidy up and go and uninstall the WordPress install which was an error. If you don’t, then there will be a potential security hole at your host.

I hope this move you forward.

Malc :slight_smile: