Help on newsletter code

can someone please post any article on newsletter coding? and is it a good practice to use css for newsletters?

I presume you mean an HTML newsletter? A quick Google search with unearth a plethora of guides. It’s worth looking at some of the articles, tutorials and free templates provided by sites like CampaignMonitor and MailChimp.

Regarding CSS, it is very poorly supported in most email clients, particularly in ones like Outlook (and it’s getting worse, not better). The only safe way to do it is to use inline styles, which is such a pain, but otherwise some email clients will simply rip the styles out. And even then a lot are not recognized or ignored. So it’s back to tables, inline styles and even font tags (ha ha! maybe not …) if you really want bulletproof rendering. The world of HTML email is dark indeed. :mad:

Here is a handy CSS compatibility chart.

thnks ralph… i guess i need to recall my html skills… :stuck_out_tongue: