Help on Magento hacks

i am at wits end here. i have posted this predicament in magento forum but there is no response hence posting it here.

problem 1: adding new custom drop down address in shipping.phtml
my client had a requirement that need me to mod shipping.phtml file. for your info, my client’s site is about food delivery. since they are new, they wanted to deliver to selected addresses (building names in a business district) only in their vicinity

My client have compiled the designed area addresses, and they want me to put them as a default drop down enforced with ‘class=required’. This will ‘force’ customers to select one of those designated addresses before checking out to prevent customers who is NOT covered by their area of service placing an order.

I also want this to appear in the invoice once printed out.

I think i figured out the file to edit that is in - frontend/base/default/template/checkout/onepage/shipping.phtml (correct me if im wrong), the only problem is how to do it without messing up the core.

proposed drop down as outlined in the pic below:

though retaining the shipping.phtml form without being modded is recommended, a disclaimer stating the area of coverage can be misinterpreted by customers at times or simply being ignored & therefore i feel is better to have them ready.

Problem 2: Time Based Store - Auto Shut & Launch

i am not sure if these functions are doable but my client has requested if their magento site could offer store transitioning based on time.

for example, their food delivery had 3 types of stores - breakfast, lunch and all day which means breakfast store will operate from 6am to 11am, lunch store will operate from 11am to 3pm and all day will operate from 6am to 6pm.

in short, we are looking for a way so that the stores in their magento website could automatically shut and launch based on their programmed time to avoid let say, lunch time customers ordering breakfast menus or vice versa. this is to enforce that customers must only order from the active store at that time while other inactive stores are hidden from customer’s sight.

in order for that to happen we would like once the time has been set, the store that is not supposed to operate at that designated time to be disappear/disabled (what ever you call it) from the website

my question is, is this doable,and is there any modules that does that?

Any feedback, reference or samples internal or external is greatly appreciated.

i haven’t code it. take it as suggestion if u able to execute time checking continuously in site code then it is possible to switch order pages.

Hello there, did you tried this process?

I think this will helpful for you.


hey, thanks! will have a good look on it.