Help on Creating a Monthly Mortgage Calculator

I am trying to create a monthly mortgage calculator, I have been able to make it show prompts for Amount of loan; Interest rate; and Term of loan (in months), but it will not display the results. Below is the code I have utilized to get this far. Any and all help will be appreciated.


<title>Mortgage Payment Calculator</title>

<body bgcolor=blue text=yellow>

<!output the name, date, time header, with a horizontal line between this heading and the
body of the web page>
<script language=“JavaScript”>
document.write(‘<center><h3>–David Brown–’);
myDate=new Date();

<script type=“text/javascript”>

loan=prompt("Amount of loan","");
interest_rate=prompt("Annual interest rate (%)","");
months=prompt("Term of loan (months)","");

rate=interest_rate / 100 /12;
payment=loan * (rate / (1- (1 / math.pow((1+ rate), months))));

document.write(“loan amount:”,loan,“<br>”);
document.write(“interest rate:”,interest_rate,“% per annum”,“<br>”);
document.write(“Term:”, months,“months”,“<br>”);
document.write(“Monthly payment:”,payment);


The first thing I suggest you do is to get rid of all the prompt() calls which are mainly intended for debugging and in some browsers have a disable JavaScript option at the bottom.

I’d also suggest that you get rid of all the document.write statements and use one of innerHTML, the standard DOM calls, or a form in the web page itself instead.

You should also change that language=JavaScript" reference to type=“text/javascript”.