Help needed with dropdown menu


I’ve got this dropdown menu.
It works great in every other browser,
but in IE6 it doesn’t show the dropdown menu.

I tried with the *.htc file but it didn’t work.

Could you help me out please, I’m in a kinda hurry:confused:

So, here is the link to it:
http : / / web . zone . ee / testcss /

You need to link an IE6 behavior to the htc file in your css.

You can use the the Star-Html-Hack that only IE6 will read. If the file is in the same folder as the css file:

* html body { behavior: url(""); } 

Updated file.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I added the code you supplied and the downloaded the file.
I put it in the same folder. In IE6 it is still not working.

If someone could maybe see if it is working in real IE6,
maybe the problem is in the “IE Tester” software

And you can see it isn’t centerd in IE6, maybe some help with that.

I updated it, online version:
http : / / web . zone . ee / testcss /

I still need help, urgently:blush:

The file-name in the css is wrong. :wink:

The menu-container is wider than the page-container is.

Also, you can use one UL to wrap all items.

Like this I mean:

<div id="header">
	<div id="menuvalikud"> 
			<li><a href="">1</a></li> 
			<li><a href="">2</a> 
					<li><a href="">3</a></li> 
			<li><a href="">4</a> 
					<li><a href="">5</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">6</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">7</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">8</a></li> 
			<li><a href="">9</a> 
					<li><a href="">10</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">11</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">12</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">13</a></li> 
			<li><a href="">14</a> 
					<li><a href="">15</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">16</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">17</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">18</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">19</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">20</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">21</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">22</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">23</a></li> 
			<li><a href="">24</a> 
					<li><a href="">25</a></li> 
			<li><a href="">26</a> 
					<li><a href="">27</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">28</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">29</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">30</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">31</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">32</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">33</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">34</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">35</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">36</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">37</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">38</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">39</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">40</a></li> 
			<li><a href="">41</a> 
					<li><a href="">42</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">43</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">44</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">45</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">46</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">47</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">48</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">49</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">50</a></li> 
			<li><a href="">51</a> 
					<li><a href="">52</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">53</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">54</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">55</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">56</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">57</a></li> 
					<li><a href="">58</a></li>