Help needed on mysql queries. (submission tomorrow )

Hi Folks.
I really need some desperate help on a few Mysql queries urgently.
can anyone please help me around here?
I’d really really appreciate It.

here are the questions!

please guys, this means the world to me.

All hail Tim Berners Lee!!

here are the answers:



I know I’m in a soup here, I was gonna get It done but was pinned by a really bad viral infection, can barely even watch the screen.
I know I should have gotten It done earlier but It seems my infection has gotten the better of me at the moment.
please guys, a little help will go a long way in saving my backside here.
this Is really important.

we are here to help you :slight_smile:

let’s start with question 1 – what is your best attempt at the SQL?

we’ll, I can scrape up the project some how,we’ll mostly writing wrong queries. and I would actually go for It and do It myself but this project really needs to be top notch, I would have tried to get It done myself but the time factor Is really against me.

That implies you really should start your homework sooner, not at the last minute :slight_smile:

	 employee_no VARCHAR(17) NOT NULL
	,first_name VARCHAR(17) NOT NULL
	,surname VARCHAR(17) NULL
	,last_name VARCHAR(17) NOT NULL
	,gender ENUM('male','female') NOT NULL
	,department VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL
	,designation VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL
	,PRIMARY KEY(employee_no)

Starting throwing things at it and see what sticks :wink:

These are all some really basic queries. If you can’t figure out these than your going to have a hell of a time with actual work.

tick tick… tick tick… tick tick…