Help needed locating a website with stock pics where you select the size

Hello everyone,

I’m doing a quick mock up of a website and need some sample images. I come across a website last night where I could enter the website address followed by some image measurements and it would instantly provide a picture of a dog of that size.

The address was like [noparse][/noparse] and this would produce a picture with a size of 240 x 68.

I would be appreciated if anyone can maybe point me in the direction,


Are you asking for other sites that offer this service, or have you simply forgotten the address of the original site you found? If the latter, I suppose you’ve already tried looking back in your browser history?

Hey Techno,

I was initially looking for the same site, but if anyone is able to offer any other sites that offer the same services I’d be grateful. Unfortunately, I run Ccleaner everyday so my history has gone,


Hello again, just to post back that I found what I was looking for! Found the video tutorial I was looking for. If it helps anyone else, the website was, so if I enter an address of, it brings up an image thats 405 by 68,


Great - glad you found it, and thanks for posting back. :slight_smile:

Just so you know, you don’t need to be limited by image dimensions set by someone else. A program like Photoshop (and there are lots of free alternatives) can cut an image to any dimensions you like. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ralph :slight_smile:

I was following a tutorial off youtube and I needed a background image for the background of the head banner,

The feedback on this site is excellent, I’ve never come across a forum where people take so much time to answer questions, I think I’ve spent about 30 hours on this site reading posts lol


Glad you’ve found it useful here. We ook forward to more questions. :slight_smile: