HELP! Need site similar to Flash using only jQuery and HTML5

So after multiple attempts at trying to complete the changes my client wanted, I am seeking help from you pro’s out there on how I should go about building this interactive home page.
The temp site I have up is
The page works fine, but the client has added to their “wish list” on what they want to change and be done to the home page. Below is the request from the client. If you have any idea how I should go about doing this NOT using Flash. All feedback is appreciated.

From client “DESIGN - No Flash; want to be able to show site on iPad
On the front page:
• Go with all of the theater lights up to begin with
• Screen will have a fixed image – perhaps the nuView logo
• Add a rollover on the iPad to “Begin Show”, “Feature Presentation” or something similar (can we do the same thing if someone clicks on the screen?).
• Once the rollover is engaged, the lights dim, and a video plays on the screen (video will be a YouTube video link.) For right now, link to any video or movie trailer to show how it will work. We will have them select a final video from a manufacturer or such.”

Thanks again.


You may need to confirm wit your client how they intend for someone on an ipad to issue a rollover event.

The graphic is an iPad, that’s what the client is referring to, thanks for the reply though!