HELP! My Terabyte!

Oh no! I have all my work backed up on my Terabyte! Now I am having problems accessing certain files LIKE MY NEW WEBSITE! A dialog box came up saying “My drive was not formatted!!” It asked me if I wanted it formatted. Of course I said no. WHAT DO I DO??? I CAN’T LOSE MY LIFE’S WORK!

Captain hindsight, from south park, says you should have made a second backup.

I am a hypocrite because I have not done so. Lol

Hmm you can try accessing it from terminal?

Have you run a full system scan for viruses, malware, spyware etc?

Will scandisc scan it for errors?

I brought it to Staples and am having them run a date rescue on it.
This is really freaking me out!
I feel they will get it in the end.
I guess I should have two back up drives. I do have an old backup of some of my things.