HELP! My laptop screen is dying or dead!


Hello guys.
So i just got a new laptop from my brother. It was ACER Aspire E1 series… model number V5WE2. It was good and i was using it for my school work… one day i was watching a youtube video. My headphone was connected and my iPad. Everything was fine and suddenly my laptop screen started flickering… at first it was just some weird colours on screen. And then it went black with coloured horizontal lines. I googled the issue and tried a few thing. Like turning off/on, removing battery, charger. Then I connected it with my monitor and everything was showing there… but screen was still black… since i live in other country i cant return or show it to the company. I asked someone to fix it but he asked for a lot money to change the LCD… now i was saving money for it… but after 2,3 days i turned it on and the screen was okay display was back like nothing happened… then i did something stupid i connected my headphone the screen went black again with weird lines… I don’t know what to to do… if i should save money to change LCD… but if there was something wrong why did it work again??? And why it happened again when i plugged my headphones… i asked that dude if something else was wrong he just said to change the lcd. What if spend money on lcd and connect something and it happens again??? :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Hi kuku07886, welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear your laptop doesn’t work. It can happen to laptops after a few years that the display connection or cable wear out.

With the display functioning again after a few days it most likely could be a cable connection near the display hinges. Was the laptop closed, were it charging those days. Was it heated when it failed?

Think back what could have made a connection to move when you plugged in the phones, tilting the display or device, bump it or anything else.

If you find a service manual you could perhaps get an idea what part is not working.

I made a quick search for a service manual but didn’t find the exact match. Found a few at ManualsLib:

A good site for repair guides is

Maybe you have better luck searching for a suitable service manual, I bet it is out there. :slight_smile:

Post again what you find.


Though Erik has mentioned almost everything but I’d suggest you contact your customer support and explain them all the issues that you’ve been facing.

I think they’d help you better.


I took for granted “new” as in you just got it. Please follow @jakesantiago if it’s just purchased and has a guarantee.

The model number V5WE2 isn’t recognized at Acer, they expect some Aspire E1-xxx as the model, so I couldn’t find out how old the model was or about the particular design of it.

So that limits us to only general tips of what is best to do. :slight_smile:

Then I wish you could tell if the laptop had been totally resting when it started working again, or if you had tried get it to work before that. That is, what have you tried to do in that regard?


It could be some sort of loose cable as you said it worked fine until you connected your headphone.


As the OP has never returned, there seems little point in continuing to offer assistance.

Thanks to all who took the time to help.

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