HELP: Money making online tactics!

Hey guys, how is everyone?

I have been online for years now, but never really made much money until a few months ago when i made a killing on CPA with facebook apps, so i know abit about CPA. However this is not a sustainable method and has gone down hill alot this month, therefore i am asking for help/tips/links etc on other methods i can make money online.

I have hosting etc. and i have some money to invest, im willing to work hard but i cannot code, but i have workers.

Any help, any tips - methods - links - sites etc


thanks guys.

My advice to you is to stop chasing “methods” and build a business. Going from method to method is a waste of time and resources because methods eventually die out, forcing you to find the next big thing, whereas if you had focused on building a legitimate business from the start, you wouldn’t have to worry about this roller coaster ride.

Think about what products or services that you can build a business around. Find a problem that people are having and create a solution.

You said that you can’t code but you have workers, so perhaps you could start a service brokering business. The way that works is you find people who need certain tasks done, you offer “your” services, and then outsource the work to your team. You pay your workers a percentage and keep the rest for yourself. The only “work” that you’d be doing is managing orders, communicating the clients’ needs to your workers, making sure that the tasks are completed and delivered to the clients on time, and collecting and distributing payments. Fair to say, it can take quite a bit of work to set something like this up because you need to make sure that you have reliable staff who will not only get the jobs done but done right, and you need to have a system for getting clients. But, if you’ve already got a skilled team that produces quality work, then this could be a good opportunity for you.

If you need guidance for setting up this type of business, there’s a guy who teaches it in his “5 Star Silver Club” membership site. Look up Eric Louviere.

Other ideas for you…

You could become a seller on Amazon (if you’re based in the U.S.) and, once you’ve learned the ropes, take advantage of their FBA program. Look up Nathan Holmquist, who has an excellent guide on this business model.

If you’re keen on Amazon, you could also check out a course called “Amazon Cash Machines,” (Jay Boyer) which is about using the Amazon marketplace as a means of getting customers for your business, which may or may not have anything to do with Amazon (but there are also ideas in there for how to build an Amazon-related business).

If you live in a state that hasn’t been banned by Amazon’s affiliate program, you could build sites that are designed to make money from Amazon products. A good guide to follow would be the “Niche Profit Course” by Chris Guthrie.

oh well, many of us are not really contented with what we earn that’s why we seek ways on how to have additional income.

Another way of making money easy online is to participate in online surveys. The income is certainly not huge, but if you are just looking for a little spending money this could be the perfect fit. The best part is it doesn’t require any special knowledge or skill. You simply need to dedicate a couple hours a day to answering questions and filling out forms and you can receive almost immediate income. Some of the websites I recommend are Survey4Profit, Survey Explosion, Opinion Outpost, ECN Research, and Express Paid Surveys.

I hope you also like it…

I agree with what CipherMode has mentioed. Identify a gap and fill that need is always a proven way to build a successful business model. Chasing after new money making methods will always make you go in circles…

The best thing that I have tried is to create a product and move it through internet. Always in a niche that you like and were you can help people. Then just move it through Facebook, Myspace, etc… Also through forums.