Help mee use diff css for diff browser

PPL I WANNA NOE HOW TO USE DIFF STYLE SHEETS FOR DIFF BRWOSERS AUTOMATICAlly yeah. my drop down search box is f9 i all browser but the position completey goes wrong in chrome (v5). its goes to hop i set it to 13 pixels from d top n it goes completely up n takes like 50px in chrome which oushes it far downn in other browsers pls help

got it f9 guyz i had tried a piece of CSS3 dere n messed it so jst fixed it up thanx

Hi Ayoosh as Donboe said its probably something awry with your code that is causing the difference and could likely be fixed by a code revision rather than trying to hack browsers.

It is actually very difficult to target browsers other than IE and that’s why its best not to even try. In most cases using the right structure results in browsers pretty much agreeing apart from out and out bugs.

If you have some code or a link we’ll try to help out.:slight_smile:

A lot depends how you have declared the different elements in your stylesheet. For example, do yo have declared margins and or paddings for that drop down search box. You have to know that each browser react different to margins and paddings for form elements. But maybe you could place a link to your site or show your stylesheet. That makes giving help much easier