Help me!

Hi Friends,

can anyone suggest me to do below process with free auto submission software?

Social Bookmarking 3000
Article Submissions 1500
Forum Postings 2500
Press Release 500
Link Wheel 200

I hope i can get a positive answer from this forum.


Sorry friend, it seems difficult. Even OnlyWire (automatic bookmarking) is only willing to several bookmarking website for premium member. And not as much as you need. And the other paid software just provide for less then you’ve needed.

And I just want to give a little advice, whether you do not have to worry it will hurt your website? I do not like to use the software with a portion of it, because it is very likely to get a stamp of spam, and get a penalty from Google. Make it happen in a short time would look suspicious, and you need to know, search engines like Google is more like the naturally.