Help me

Hi Admin, sir and friends how are you i hope you all are fine . i have some problem in my net cable . i changed many time my net cable but still problem tel me solution plz

Could you define the problem that you’re having with your network cable?

Yes, a better description and the exact wording of the error would help

plz tel me about CC proxy what can i do i m so sad

Using acronyms is not going to help. I’m quite sure that native English speakers may do but I don’t.

And you’re not telling us what’s the problem, which errors you get, etc.

We simply have not enough information to provide any help, sorry

sorry i ’ am upset some days i buy a new cables on this site much batter . Thanks friend’s u help me i need your more help in my life Thanks again Admin and friend,s


Hi bro how are you
bro i have problem in network cable i connect all PC on domain error is your hub cable is not attached all the output cables and input cables what can i do bro tel me i attach all cable properly.