Help me with git push please

help me with git push please

I have cloned a repository to my local computer off of a network. Then I was using Microsoft Visual Studio version 2019. After I made modifications to the file I have been working on, I successfully completed the following git commads:

git add
git status
git commit
git push

After some time, I decided to make a new folder locally, clone the current repository in this new folder and then compare the entire solution with my version I have been working on using WinMerge. I updated and merged the code and made sure my solution would build.

Then, returning to git bash, I tried the four git commands I used before but when I type “git push” I get this

$ git push

fatal: No configured push destination.

Either specify the URL from the command-line or configure a remote repository using

git remote add <name> <url>

and then push using the remote name

git push <name>


As the error message is telling you, there is no configured push destination, that is, git has no idea where it should push your repository to.

What is the output of the following command:

git remote -v

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