Help me to make SEO Packages which can create some difference

Dear All, … I am sorry if it is not right place to post
After getting good leads in web design projects I decided to jump in optimization field for that we need to define SEO Packages. Some of my challenges are-

After analyzing other companies packages I found every where (at those packages) people talk about volume of work like x number of articles, y number of directories and so on.

I want to know what deliverable should be included in Packages with respect to result, timeline traffic and other measurable means. in terms of timeline, result and its effect.

Wow, this is such a huge question.

You’d be best off starting with three packages, and letting the marketplace guide you. (ie, what other businesses are doing)

Amm I am asking for suggestions to make good seo packages in which concerns of both - The customer who is opting as well the organization who is offering both purpose should be fulfilled. As an entrepreneur/organization/customer does it sensible that I take a service where no one can say that these objectives will be served. At the very next moment as a optimization company its really very difficult to give exact time frame and position for any keyword, or traffic.
So please if you have any solution where justice can be made with both with some package then please share.
Note: I feel as a customer I really don’t care what is going to be done and how, every one looks at the result, it is why I am little against of giving details about volume of work and what work is going to be done. Any ideas to make a package responsible for each other.

I think you should focus on ranking your site first. There are clients who are willing to spend hefty amount if you could prove them that you could really do good in SEO, just my two cents.

phillipturner is asking a very specific question. If you have any relevant advice or ideas, that’s great - please feel free to share them. Please do not post generic or off-topic advice, as such posts will be considered fluff and removed.

As a frequent SEO client, my perspective is that these packages that offer x articles, x links, x posts, etc. are not very attractive. Each site is different, and throwing a bunch of resources into SEO is usually not a good way to do things. Some sites need to focus on inbound links, others should optimize content, and there are so many factors and moving parts.

The SEO teams that I use have more a consultative approach, they look at each of my client’s sites and prepare a strategy, a well thought out keyword list, a bunch of recommendations that are specific to the site, etc. So, on their website they don’t really cite ‘packages’ as much as they talk about their results, and how they create an individual strategy for each clients.

I do agree, though, that optimizing your own site is a great way to demonstrate your SEO skills. SEO is, obviously, a competitive category so when an SEO provider is high up in the SERPS for SEO terms that is pretty compelling :slight_smile:

I really don’t like selling SEO in packages, for example, if a client is in a highly competitive niche and they choose a low package then how can you give them the results they need? I prefer to sell individual, tailored packages based on what a client needs