[Help me implementation Ant colony algorithm using PHP]

I’m New In PHP, I Have a Plroblem for the Apllication of ant colony algorithm to the case course time scheduling,
Does anyone have an example of code ant colony algorithm for course time scheduling using PHP.

Help me Please…

What do you mean by course time scheduling? As in each course occurs at time a, b, and c and a user wants to take course 1 3 6 so what is the best/most efficient combination of a,b,c for 1 3 and 6 for the user to select?

Thanks For the feedback to my problem
I just Want to put all subjects in to time slot, without any selection selection of student.

I use some main table

  • Courses
  • Staffs
  • Class_Held
  1. The firts ant to know the courses to be schedule and who is staff
  2. Next step is to determine what classes taking course
    3 After determination of course,staff adn class then the next task for ant is put into time slot randomly, until all courses scheduled.