Help Me Identify a Wordpress Theme

Hi everyone… I am trying to identify a Wordpress theme that I like that I’ve seem to have seen a few times. I just ran across it at

Anybody recognize this? I want to use it for one of my sites. Thanks!

Don’t worry, Jonbey is not my real name anyway. It is Jon, but someone already took that.

I usually try to view the source of some of the pages of a certain site when trying to find out the theme. Most times the designer of the site failed to turn the theme into a ‘default’ named theme and left it in the same directory that it came for installation.

Just choose view source in your web browser options and search around the code for a theme name usually after the /wp-content/themes/… folder.

Sorry to mess up your name jonbey, it was early morning.

Wouldn’t be surpirsed if it was custom made. Looks very nice, and I have not seen anything like that over at

Could be this chap:

MFurtado is the designer according to one of the stylesheets on

Although I cannot see mentioned anywhere.

Thanks John, I agree it is probably custom made. I am hoping it might be a premium theme somewhere. My friend said he scoured the site and thinks that an “mfurtado” designed it. I have spent the last 30 minutes searching around the web and have found nothing further.

This is custom made theme, possibly premium.

Try to contact store owner for more information.