Help me for Tizen app development?

I’m starting to develop Tizen app. But the problem is that not much tutorial are available for that and it’s quite difficult to manage my task.

So, please help me to provide some guidance or tutorials which help me for my app development work.

Lots of tutorials here:

Why don’t you go through a few and get back to us with any problems? :slight_smile:

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I already use this Tizen development site but i want apart from this.
Anyways thank you so much for give your valuable time to solve my query.

@StevenHu gave you a list of developers. Your reply that you have already tried this site makes no sense!

I need any other website help who give easy way to learn this things.

You mean you’ve read this but didn’t find it helpful?

NO. i didn’t mean that!!!
It’s helpful to me a lot.

Okay, i explain in brief. As you seen android and iphone they have big community support compare to Tizen. In tizen is not easy to find solution from website. so, i need particular source which help me like online compiler we can see in java and C programming.

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