Help me decide what design should I use for this project?

My problem is rather uncommon, I use a website every day and lose much time there because the site presents a lot of content I’m not interested in. I would like to build an application that hides the unwanted content. What I’m not sure is what design I need because I never did a web or database project.

I’m the only person who will use the application. There are 10-20 new pages a day, each with 15 items and in the majority I’m not interested, over a timeframe of years there might be many items. For every shown item on the site, I want to have a button ‘Hide this item in the future’.

A design I believe that could work is:

Scrape the content of the site.
Build and present an own site/page using a web server.
Use a database to manage the unwanted items.

The scraping part is done, using Python. For the other parts I want to use flask and SQLite, does this design make sense or might something more simple be possible?

Example item:

<article>Delicious salad recipe</article>

Probably Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey and it’s own internal storage system. No need to go outside the browser for this in all likelyhood.

Thanks for the tip, didn’t really come into my mind, it could indeed be the right thing to do.

If you are using a database then you could do that without web pages and a server. It is possible however to use a database in a website. I have a web page in a website I use locally (for just me) that uses a database to manage deliveries. It is a very simple application. I intend to create an application to manage bookmarks. That is also simple, except the data is hierarchical. You can do the same thing except I am not sure how easy it would be to do using non-developer tools.

If you want something that works in the browser to notify you when you have already viewed a page then you probably need to use a browser extension. A browser extension can use or something like that.

There are very many possible solutions. I am not familiar with Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey but my guess is that it would be better to use a more common language, such as JavaScript. If you set up a server for a local website then you can use a server-side language such as Python, PHP or C#. If you do that then you will have some very useful experience.

It will help to know how you do that. Is it a browser extension or is it a separate program or something else?

Thanks for the help, I completed the project using Tampermonkey and localStorage to store the data.

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