Help! Links opening oddly

Hi everyone,

This has got me completely stumped and I would really appreciate any insights.
I’ve got two issues that I’m pretty sure are related.

  1. Cntrl+click not working to open links in new windows/tabs.

For some reason cntrl+click doesn’t work to open links in new windows on either Firefox or Chrome. The only way to open links in a new window is right click and “Open link in new window”. I know I could add _blank, but I don’t want the links to open in new windows all the time in a new window, but somehow my theme is overriding the default cntrl+click action and I don’t want it to.

  1. Yahoo Media Player doesn’t work properly.

Yahoo Media Player streams but the link also opens to the mp3 to download, and that is not supposed to happen. Clicking the play icon should start the stream and then to download the user should have to right-click and save target as.

My site is HERE (Wordpress 3.01 using Arthemia theme) - and the Yahoo Media Player play button is under the video on this page.

As I said, I’m pretty sure these are related but I’m at a loss how to solve the issue.

Thanks for any help.

Thanks, good to know. I couldn’t see what was doing this, but have seen it on a number of sites (including some prominent ones) and it really annoys me, so it is a good idea to fix it. :slight_smile:

OK - went through my plugins one by one and it turns out slimstat was doing this somehow.

All fixed.

Well that’s what I thought, but I have managed to override those settings to other sites somehow.

Insite links behave as they should, but links to other sites always open in the same window, even if you cntrl+click.

  1. That’s controlled by the user’s browser options.