Help--intuos 3 tablet stuck in "notes" mode, i'm clueless

hi all,

i have no idea how this happened but when i try to use my intuos 3 graphics tables in photoshop (CS3) instead of the selected tool a little square resembling yellow lined paper pops up and my strokes appearon that. when i am done, it all disappears.

i’ve tried reinstalling the tablet driver and have even reinstalled photoshop…no change.

it used to work fine then one day this appeared out of nowhere. i;m sure i did something but i’ve no clue what or how to undo.

please help!

advance thanks :slight_smile:

(p.s. i can’t find my documentation. i pageed through a PDF but since i don’t know what i am looking for i didn’t see anything.)

Have you updated the drivers? Wacom website drivers are well set out and easy to find. They keep them pretty up to date, even for older tablets. I’d start there and then look at the preferences for the tablet.

You don’t say what operating system you are on, but it is possible that another program has associated itself with the tablet that is activating itself instead of using the currently open program. The tablet buttons and pens buttons can be customised too so I’d check how they are set up in the Settings Panel too.

Wacom drivers here