Help! How to call up my url by typing just site name only into address bar

I’m wondering how some websites are able to be accessed by simply typing
their title “craft” for example, into the address bar and it calls the full url of the site.

I’ve researched .htaccess and mod_rewrite even the 301 redirect but no
luck as to how I can do this.

Other site examples, hallmark, audacity, ben&jarry works too.

There is nothing you can change on your own site that does this. What happens when you just enter a keyword in the browser URL bar (in Firefox at least) is that it submits the keyword to Google in “I’m feeling lucky” mode, and that’s how you end up on those page. Not because hallmark et al did something to their server configurations.

Ah thanks for explaining this. I’ve noticed that it has worked on a few lower ranking sites, so I thought their was a coding method to achieve this.

Thanks again.