Help: Hotmail sending my domain email to junk folder

I have recently signed up for my own domain and have setup mailboxes under this domain.

I have noticed that if I send an email from one of those mailboxes to any of my hotmail accounts, it automatically goes to Junk, due to Microsoft SmartScreen.

This is worrying because, I don’t want to have emails I send to customers who use hotmail, go to the junk folder.

Can anyone help?

You should request your host to help you. They may solve this problem through data centre by contacting hotmail because it appears youd IP has been banned by hotmail.

Good luck.

Have you added each of the email addresses for the mailboxes to your Hotmail Contacts list?

No I’ve not, because the whole point of me testing this is that I want mails i send to first time customers to go to their inbox and not their junk mail folder - thus they won’t have added me as a contact before.

Your web host should get in touch with hotmail service provider and get IPs delisted from their black list. I believe you are using shared IP for your mail servers and that could happend that your IP was blacklisted because of someone else using the same domain name.

You may, or may not know this… but what is the ‘reverse dns’ of your host - it is possible hotmail is weighting this against you if you are on a shared / generic host name rather than your actual domain.

I know when we try to send email to some users it bounces back from our setup, because of this issue. (the joys of mass hosted email).

One thing you could look into to help Hotmail, is SPF (Sender Policy Framework).