Help for making informed decision on CMS required for my next project

Hello Good Fellows,
I want to develop a web-based system that enables Grade 7-9, 10-12 (high school), and college students to access learning materials (in the form of modular lessons), guidance & support; also access & submit assignments, take multiple choice quiz (where the system would need to keep track of the students’ answers & each step that’s completed); Plus communicate with staff and other students via discussion boards & live chats - however, with time college students access to lessons would be restricted to those who have paid for the content.

In the backend there would be a section called course stats which would list all the student users who started taking the lessons and display the quiz results if applicable and any student uploaded files which the lesson required and as far as I know, the quiz would be MCQs but I suppose they would possibly fill in the blank type questions. Many thanks.


Have you looked into Moodle?

My only experience of it was some years ago, as a student, but it’s well-known and well-established.

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I see that Moodle calls itself a CMS, but I would consider it to be more a LMS, of which there are many and are specifically developed for educational uses.

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As a formerly homeschooled and now college student, I’ve had experience with three learning management systems - Moodle (already mentioned by TechnoBear), Blackboard Learn, and Desire2Learn/D2L/Brightspace. I don’t think I used Moodle as extensively and I don’t remember much about it, so I unfortunately can’t comment on it, but it’s free and open source, so it would definitely be the best choice from a pricing standpoint and it sounds very capable. Blackboard Learn was pretty rad and it will definitely do everything you want plus more, but it isn’t free, unlike Moodle. My personal experience with D2L isn’t the greatest, though I have no idea how reliable that is, but from my college’s implementation of it, it seems outdated and the mobile is pretty poor. It gets the job done, but it’s not free either.

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