Help for a newbie

Hi everyone, my name is Juliet and I am looking for friends that can help me with my photoshop elements 9, I have not used photoshop before. I just bought a Sony DSC-W200 and am having fun with it. Any help/tips/ advice you can give me for a beginner would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Juliet, welcome. Glad to hear you are having fun with your new camera. There are tons of resources for learning photoshop these days but most people learn best when they find something that gels with the way they think or relate to.

If you are looking for a general starter guide for elements I would suggest starting with the Adobe stuff. They make the software so they should know what they’re doing. There’s some general starter stuff there.

Next stop for free content would be the lovely YouTube. I’d start with a search like this one.

There’s lots of free step-by-step text based tutorials too if you have dialup or prefer a slower pace.

If you get stuck on a particular topic or technique feel free to ask here, lots of us have been using Photoshop for many many years now.

If you are not adverse to spending some money for training I’ve always recommended as they have easily accessible content for a very reasonable monthly fee. You’ll probably find if you sign up you devour a lot in a short time and can then stop paying when your skills and knowledge have improved.

Good luck.

Let me help you on this

just google everything or look for video tutorials like
it’s easier to learn if you watch videos

Just see the youtube tutorials and search and get result whatever you need to learn about photoshop.