Help finding relevant stock photo

Working on a comp for a client but am stuck with finding an appropriate stock photo.

Here is what I have now:

Client came back saying trademarks are logos/business names, not ideas like this image would represent. Although he loves the image, it ultimately doesn’t match the tagline. I’ve been scouring istock for a while, just can’t come up with anything.

Any ideas?

No expert here, but I would probably first sit down with the client and go through what kinds of ideas and images he does associate with trademarks. (E.g. security, confidence, professionalism, law …) Rather than look for one, pre-made image, you could perhaps make a collage of different images and/or symbols that sum up the results of this discussion.

I got it figured out like 10 min after posting, thanks!

Do you mind posting it so we can see what you decided on and what direction you took?

Found another image on iStock of the same man drawing a cloud. realized the cloud could represent a generic company’s logo.