Help eliminating white space

I am trying to change the background of this page from dark grey to a dark blue and I have succeeded for the most part but I have one little area that is killing me. It’s obvious, but it is the area under the navigation. I see that there is a shadow gradient, but behind that is an off white color and i can not find it in the css.

Many thanks,

The element appears to be a generated div between these two opening div tags in the source, that contains an   and an inline style of height:260px; It’s visible using Firebug.

<div id="rt-page-background">
<div id="rt-header-surround">

I don’t know what’s generating the div, but you could try applying the background colour to the id of the first div above:

#rt-page-background {
  background: #013E75;
  position: relative;

That did the trick. Thank you. It is always so obvious when someone else figures it out. LOL.