Help editing cufon text

I am trying to change some text on a Wordpress site but I can’t seem to find it anywhere when I search for it. It looks like it is cufon text which I’m not familiar with. The site in question is and I want to change the text “About The Tutor Machine” just below the Find a Tutor button. Any ideas where I can change this?

Hi @philip16. Welcome to SitePoint. Which theme is your site using? Different themes are set up differently, so we can’t really tell where the parts are edited just by looking at the live site and its source code.

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Hi WebMachine, thanks for responding. It appears to be a custom theme. I’m not sure whether it was customised from a known theme or if it was I don’t know what it is. There are other themes which show when I look in the themes area although they are not active. They are:

Twenty Ten
Twenty Eleven
Twenty Thirteen
Twenty Fourteen
Twenty Fifteen
Twenty Sixteen

Try looking in the dashboard for where those three boxes are set up - they may be widgets or a plugin.

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I thought I’d looked everywhere but I’ve just found it under Widgets. Thanks!


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