Hi guys! I have a duplicate page.

When I type a certain keyword on the search engine the page appears to be at rank 3.

my problem is. that page should not be working anymore. what I mean is for example:

the page url that is in rank 3

the page that i should optimizing is

but is a duplicate of

What I want is to remove with


if you are hosting on a php capable site have the index include the main page.

can I just not eliminate the other one?

If youโ€™re talking about Google, you can request that the page be removed. If there are any links to the page, redirect them to the new one.

In your .htaccess file, add
redirect 301 /bakers
and that will ensure that anyone (including search spiders) trying to look at the bakers page will be sent to the bakery page. Search engines will in time update their index to the new URL, and will transfer any ranking and reputation from the old URL to the new one.