Help create a page peel effect using warp tool

Hi everyone!
I am trying to design a business card that adopts the warp effect of illustrator and photoshop. Can someone please please please design for me something that looks like
I think it’s pretty easy to achieve. Please help! Thank you.

Sorry, this is the example:

Check your link, it is hard to see an example when it doesn’t work.

Try this, it is an Illustrator file and uses just vector+gradients to achieve the same look. Pretty quick but you should be able to see how I put the layers together still if you open in Illustrator. You can adjust to your own preferences. There’s bound to be more elegant way to do it but this works for me.

Page Peel Example

No problem, it was actually cool to see that idea for a business card. I liked the design.

THANK YOU … that’s perfect. thank you for your help.