Help, Could This Site Be Hacked?

I have a real estate site that has a number of keywords I have never targeted that it gets traffic for according to Google Analytics. A couple of them are not related to my site and I see substantial traffic for them. I would appreciate it if you could tell me if these keywords suggest that I may have a hacked site. I had HostGator check but they said they did not find anything on the server. But, the keywords make me very suspicious. You can find them below. Any help you can give would be great.

home business
on line sales
for sale
buy home online

It’s a real estate website and those keywords puzzle you…
Really? :x

Would type in those keywords in a search, such as, shows you which search engines are really hitting those words for your site.

After the website, you see a mini paragraph below. The keywords will be highlighted in that paragraph, it will show you where the search engines are finding these words on your website. You may have inadvertently used… blah blah home blah blah business. If you find this is the case, would send you to the SEO thread to do some rewording on your site.

I suggest you to drop these keywords as they are irrelevant for your site and this is illegal for most of the search engines. You may loose ranking on other keywords too.