[Help] Coldfusion installation help on plesk 12

Please am using ubuntu 14.04 and i have install plesk 12 cpanel on it.

in the plesk 12, how can i find the installation path of the coldfusion in the parallel plesk 12… Please help me out

I am not very sure, but I think this is what I found after searching: Path of ColdFusion in Plesk. You can follow below mentioned steps after o=installation of Plesk and ColfFusion,
Here are the steps:

  1. Login to your Plesk with admin credentials
  2. Locate “Server Management” section in it and turn on “Tools and Settings”.
  3. Under “Tools and Settings” locate “Applications & Databases” section
  4. Click on “CloudFusion Settings” link and put in # /opt/coldfusionmx
  5. After completion click OK and save the applied changes.
    Incase this does not solve your issue contact to Plesk License team.

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