Help checkout my project

Hi guys i just finished a simple project
but can you help give me a review, if i did well or i have to make modification
Frontend simple project

This is rather good for a simple project. The “Read more” button seems a bit understyled and out-of-place and the images seem a bit low quality, but other than that. Nothing wrong with it.

One thing you might also want to consider is what happens when the images are loading over a slower connection. What does it look like then? What if only a handful of images load in time? In such setups it is always good to think first of designing an element with a basic look and then “up-scale” it to something fancier if the user can support it. The key word here to search for is “Graceful degradation”. If you are looking to learn more about that topic.

Good work.

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Thank you for the review.
i will try to Learn (Graceful degradation)

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