Help - Change the site Language to Thai, the photos/images stop showing


could someone help me with this,

the problem is that when you change the site Language to Thai, the photos/images stop showing.

all help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

When you change language, so do the image names. So apparently the β€œthai” image names do not exist.

Hello guido2004

thank you for your reply, ok interesting,

so how to fix the problem?

Are your laungage sites in different folders and the paths to the images are relative?

Hello Rubble,

as far as I know, One site with 2 Language Folders (one English & one Thai) , inside each Folder several php files for language, Site Language, Global Language, Categories Language.

I would do some error checking on your thumbnail.php file. Echo some variables and check the paths etc.

Hello Rubble,

Echo some variables and check the paths etc.

I would if I new how :slight_smile:

yet you do point me in the direction of the thumbnail.php

your replies are appreciated :slight_smile:

Looks like thumbnail.php is in the root folder - public_html ? where your index page is.
thumbnail.php takes the image path and creats a thumbnail image that looks like it is resized and displayed without saving it.

The code is the same in both sites but I assume there is something wrong there as the english site displays the image and the Thai one does not. That is what made me think there is a path problem.

<img src="thumbnail.php?pic=uplimg/img_A_100011_24739a0d0eec6aa7167af9c5bb881443.jpg&w=200&sq=Y" border="0" alt="bl ah">
<img src="thumbnail.php?pic=uplimg/img_A_100011_24739a0d0eec6aa7167af9c5bb881443.jpg&w=200&sq=Y" border="0" alt="bl ah">

But I may be barking up the wrong tree!

Hello Rubble,

ok interesting, I understand your thinking,

I have asked some PHP fixers on Fiverr:

if they can fix it for me, as I do not have the knowledge,

your ideas/answers much appreciated,