Help Backling to my Website

Hi guys. Have hit a brick wall and just need some advice regarding backlinking my site to gain more hits to my site and link better in google search engines. Have been doing a lot of keyword research etc, but I am now not sure what to do regarding backlinking my site. Can some people help and advise please. Thank You

If the person you hire knows nothing about your industry, he will almost certainly submit your site to directory sites that (a) don’t accept your submission, (b) accept any submission, and so have zero credibility with search engines, or (c) are totally irrelevant to your industry. None of those will help you at all.

If he knows what he is doing and knows your industry well then the chances of him being able to find 2000 relevant, high quality directory sites and then take the time to submit your site to them all at a sensible price is pretty much nil.

Spamming directories gains you nothing, and targeted submission is very costly in terms of time - it’s rarely worth hiring anyone for it.

Write 20 articles and then hire somebody to submit them to 20 article directores each article.

What, you think it’s possible to write 20 articles just like that? If an article is worth writing, it has to be worth reading, and I think most of us would struggle to write five articles worth reading in a short space of time, let alone twenty. And again, it sounds like you’re just planning on spamming sites that have low editorial policies … not a good way to build a reputation with Google.

I wouldn’t waste a minute on directory submissions, except for DMOZ or There are hundreds of web 2.0 sites that allow you do follow links. Also, try social bookmarking.

Any tips on article submission peicy2008 can I use the same text for an article on one site and on another site? Can I submit to multiple articles? And same as I said to bfp which are good and bad article sites?

Starts by submitting your site to directories, creating account on forums that allow do-follow signature (contribute but not spam), submitting articles, commenting in blogs…

This is what I did except directories submission. Did not try that yet but the rest was done. Commenting in blog might not work well if the blog is nofollow.


For quality backlinks you should go for 3-way link building.

Start with EnzineArticles

Generally the top 10 (or more conservative the top 5) results from Google for “article directory” are good article directories.

However you should not submit one article to many directories without spinning it (changing the structure, sentence, active to passive,…)

I think the article submitting service is the best mothod…you can build a qualified backlinks in a short time…if you submit articles to paid article directory. the effect will very very good…it is just my humble opinion…

Generally you’ll get to a point where you have to buy the space. Although it’s always possible to submit more links for free, with the effort going up and the rewards going down you get passed a point of deminished returns. At this point look at buying some links.

Obviously there’s exceptions to this like when you give users a motive to link back to you. However this doesn’t always produce quality links.

Cheers bfpseller. How do I go about submitting to directories? Which are good and bad directories? Have heard it can be bad for my site if I submit my site to bad directories? Any tips?

Here is what I would do.

Hire somebody to submit and accept your site to at least 2000 website directories.

Write 20 articles and then hire somebody to submit them to 20 article directores each article.

And then do blog commenting and social bookmarking. Just don’t forget to keep adding content to your website since this is the most important for the long term success.

submit to directories like and [URL=“”]

Directories often give you do-follow links to your website from pages with relevant content, your name, good anchor text, etc. That can really boost your SERP placement, etc.