Help! Annoying bar won't go away

I’m new to this site so sorry if I posted in the wrong area. I have a question about my newly created website. I have a flash sideshow on the first page of my site that has three pictures on it. However, on internet explorer 8 and 9 a bar appears going through the slideshow. On the first picture it is white and the other two it is black. This bar does not show on any other browsers. This bar used to only appear on some pages. On pages that required a scroll bar my webpage shifted left and the bar appeared. On pages that did not require a scroll bar the page was center and no bar appeared. However, I did not like the page shifting so I use a overflow-y: scroll to fix that. However that ment because of the shift the bar appears on all pages. I was wonder if anyone knew what causes this and how to fix it. My site is <snip/> . I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me. Thanks!!


link not needed - problem resolved

Hi OTC Webmaster. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

I see no bars anywhere in IE8 or 9. Could you post a screen shot? Have you cleared caches etc?

Here is the screenshot. Your can really see it on the first picture of my slideshow. There on the other two but you must look really close. If you want to replay the slide show click on the words on the last picture. Thanks for your help.

Strange. That bar doesn’t show up for me in IE9 or 8.

Can’t make the screenshot bigger, boy I have a very slow connection today… anyways, hope you get it fixed soon.

That is really weird. It shows up on any computer I use. This was kind of my last resort. I have spent hours and hours trying to fix it, but so far have got nowhere. Thanks anyways

Fixed! Something weird was going on. I just made my logo a pixel smaller and everything was fixed. Thanks