Help: All Pages Show Up on First Page, and in Reverse Order

WordPress problem: My hope was to have people visiting my site to be directed to the Home page, and from there they could click on the buttons to visit other pages. Instead, when people enter the main url, it takes them to a page where all of the pages are displayed (i.e. you see one page, then scroll down and see another page, then scroll down and see another pages, etc.). I don’t want that. I only want people to initially see the Home page content and navigate from there.

To make matters worse, the pages sometimes display in reverse order. Whereas, originally, a visitor to the site would see the Home page content, and could then scroll down to see the second page content, and then scroll down to see the third page content, etc., it now displays the last page first and Home page last. I tried to fix this by entering Order numbers (1 for Home, 2 for second page, etc.), but that didn’t work. I then made the Home page the parent of the other four pages, but that didn’t work.

Can anyone help me so that someone who enters my url will see the Home page content (including the buttons) only, without other pages being displayed upon scrolling down? Failing that, I’d at least like the pages to display in the correct order.

Hi HBM. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

You may need to say a bit more about your setup. Are you using some kind of theme? The behavior you describe sounds quite foreign to me.

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I’ll move this thread to the dedicated CMS forum.

Thanks, ralph.m. Yes, I am using a Wordpress theme: twenty twelve. Is that enough information?