Help adding jQuery to Joomla site

I’m trying to add a simple crossfading slideshow to a Joomla site for a friend. I’ve added jQuery and the Cycle Lite .js files and a custom .css file as well, all in the appropriate folders. Then I updated the template for the site to include references, and I’ve been able to test and confirm that I can restyle elements on the page with the CSS file and jQuery.

However, when I actually stick some images onto the page, I can’t cycle through them. Which leaves me with two questions.

  1. Is there a way to test this in private? I’m not that familiar with Joomla and haven’t been able to access a page unless it’s actually included in the navbar. I’m working off hours and burying the menu item in the middle where it’s not likely to be noticed. But as soon as I unpublish the menu item to remove the nav button, the link to the article no longer works, so it’s possible that anyone can click the nav button and see the “test” page.

  2. Any ideas why it wouldn’t be running? I couldn’t get a div with an id or class onto the page, so I had to use a table to attach an id. I inserted my images into the one column one row table, but when I try to automate it $(‘#slideshowTable’).cycle(); Nothing happens. :frowning:

You should be able to access the article just by using any existing URL to an article and just swapping out the article ID, that way you don’t have to make a nav link to it.

Can’t help you with the actual problem though, sorry.