Help about timeline?

i want to create like this :

But, don’t know how?
I’ve tried, but doesn’t work.
Who can help me to create something like this?
I want to use bootstrap (for better responsive style) and AngularJS for this hide and show animation?
When person hover over icon or little dot have a hover animation (maybe grow up that icon or dot), but when click on icon or dot, change text and active item will be that what person click on it.

I hope u will help me,
have a nice day.

Hi MiloshN.

It’s always good to start by posting what you’ve tried, so people can point you in the right direction. I recommend CodePen for creating code demos.

I don’t recommend using two huge frameworks just to achieve two simple effects. What kind of responsiveness are you looking for? Show/hide functionality can be done pretty simply, in just a few lines of code (even without JS).

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