Help a novice to wrap his head around using ACF Pro plugin!

Hi there.
First of all, sorry for my bad English, and here’s the issue.
I’m busy on making a custom theme which have some unique layouts to show different categories in different styles and I want to use ACF Pro to achieve desired result. So I need some help with this.
Here’s an image:

As you can see in the 1st part of the image above, there are 4 different layout with unique styles and admin can insert each one of those and assign one category to show latest posts on that. In the 2nd part of the above image you can see that site admin can use each one of those 4 layouts multiple times.

So I think I can somehow achieve that with ACF Flexible Content. The part which I have problem with is multiple appearance of each layout. So the question is does that cause problem ?

ACF provides support in their web site. Did you try them?

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You need to make a flexible content field inside a repeater field. That way, when adding the rows, you can select different variations(as defined in the flexible content field)

Remember that acf has nothing to do with how your website looks. You still need to customized the blocks.

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